Daniel Schwarzwald : born to a musical family in Jerusalem in 1988. Daniel started playing the piano at the age of nine and entered the "Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance" High School at the age of thirteen. During these years Daniel studied composition, improvisation and chamber music. He studied Jazz piano with Daniel Ran, Omri Mor, Itai Rosenbaum and Slava Ganelin and participated in workshops with Larry Grenadier, Peter Berenstein, Jeff Balard and Avishai Cohen.

Daniel is a versatile musician with a distinctive voice both as a pianist and as a composer.

He played in Israel with singer songwriters such as Shlomi Mor and Nuri Korn. He appeared as a pianist and co-arranger of a string quartet in the "Ahavat hanosea amatmid" CD by Nuri Korn which was released in 2013.

Daniel composes in varied styles, from a Classical compositions to film Music, Jazz Ensambles, Singer Songwriter Songs, Tangos, and for his two projects: "Biwald", a piano- cello duo and "Vuelo Manginot", a flute-piano duo.

In 2012 Daniel released his debut solo piano CD called "My Journey to Venus" under the label "Internal Compass".

Daniel plays in the swing band called "Nick Nack and the Chachkies". The band played in the biggest event for swing dancing in Europe: the "Snowball" party in Stockholm, Sweden. The band released a debut CD in 2015.

He is also a member of the "Marithe Van der Aa Quartet", which toured Belgium last year and played in jazz clubs in Berlin such as Noyman Miller(now called "ZigZag") and "Kunstfabrik Schlot".

Daniel has toured and made workshops with the "Ehud Ettun trio" in the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria and Serbia, soon to make another Asian tour in India, Korea and Russia.

The "Ehud Ettun Trio" released its first album "Raw Geustures" under the label "Intenal Compass" in 2014

Daniel is a member of "Internal Compass" and is participating in a special project in Israel working on educating and bringing people together through improvisation. Daniel is currently living in Berlin.

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