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Daniel Schwarzwald Records New Album
"Haunted Melodies"...


Daniel Schwarzwald just recorded his new album Haunted Melodies at the Yellow Submarine, near Jerusalem, with a formidable line-up of great musicians, and a wonderful team: Arik Finkelberg: audio engineer, Roy Maayan: Filming & photography.

We are looking forward to hearing and watching the end result!

Recording at the Yellow Submarine Studios

"Dancing with Bach"


This project is a tribute to J.S. Bach. In this video, you will experience a special arrangement of the second half of Bach's 3rd Partita in A minor, BWV 827.


The inspiration for this rendition was sparked by two ideas: firstly, Bach's penchant for improvisation around the repeat signs in each movement; and secondly, his appreciation for world music and dances.


The various movements of the Partita, akin to suites, are predominantly dance forms. This inspired me to infuse the arrangements with some rhythmic vitality.


You will listen to the transition from the "Scherzo" movement, meaning "Joke," into the "Gigue," an Irish dance, seamlessly flowing without interruption.


Daniel Schwarzwald: Piano and Arrangement

On Kadosh :  Oud

David Michaeli: Double Bass

Amir Bar Akiva: Drums

Special THANKS to TAMMUZ MUSIC, and the above mentioned musicians. 


DANIEL SCHWARZWALD FEATURED on DAVID ALFANDARY's second album "WINTER", released January 16th, 2024 on all platforms


"I'm very proud to be part of David Alfandary second album release "Winter" which is released today in all the platforms. Recording the album was a spiritual experience for me and it happened with my life long friends who such a huge support and love in my life Ehud Ettun Nathan Blankett Jackie Fay and Rotem Bahar."

Daniel Schwarzwald

Daniel Schwarzwald at the epicentre of the Israeli Jazz scene:


Daniel Schwarzwald has been performing with an ever growing number of amazingly talented Jazz musicians, and singer-songwriters. He now finds himself at the epicentre of the Israeli Jazz scene, and yet longing to set foot in Europe again.

More info coming soon!

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